Summer Dutch Braid

A quick braid to keep you cool in the summer months, no heat required.

GHD Curls

My way of doing GHD curls, all you need is a GHD and you'll be curling in no time!

Is the hot weather and your hair keeping you hot and bothered? No worries ladies try my simple DIY up-do, once you practise a couple times you’ll find yourself doing this simple style more and more often.

Before you begin, do a quick blow dry through the fringe or front pieces to soft the hair that frames the face. If you have time to spare, curl the ends. Curly ends will be easier to work with and pin away with ease. Unless do this up-do on day two or three when the hair is due for a wash, simply spray in some volumising dry shampoo. I love the Batiste Dry Shampoos from Clicks!

I am often asked, “Candi how do you do a quick and easy French braid?” With a little practise you will be braiding your hair in no time at all! Find someone with long hair, by seeing the actions you will be able to familiarise yourself with up and over actions of braiding. You’ll find it easier when you attempt it on yourself! Below I have step by step guide for a simple French Braid.

I host Workshops and One-on-One lessons regularly, the one question I am always asked? How to do a smokey eye. Honestly, with good product, brushes and practice. You’ll ace it no time.

I always begin any makeup with “Perfect Canvas” I first learnt of the term “Perfect Canvas” with Smashbox, however at my Make Up For Ever days we always followed these steps.