Hair & Accessories

It's funny, I always did makeup. I was adamant about only doing makeup and that I was a makeup artist. 

Luckily life had other plans. I was at a wedding and my bride arrived with flat curls. In her desperation and a cheeky grin, she handed me hairspray and a hairdryer. She walked out with beautiful waves and the rest was history. I am blessed with beautiful hair (thank you Mom) BUT around my temples, I have the curliest, frizziest, unmanageable hair ever (I cannot have a fringe for this very reason). From an early age, I learned how to tame my frizz. With this came some undiscovered skills, so in my late twenties I learned a new skill, hairstyling and gosh I haven't stopped learning!

If you wish to have us style your hair, send us an image that inspires you and we'll try our very best to do it for you.