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I have put together a collection of hairstyling I have done. Sometimes one just wants to view what I have done.

It’s a funny story, I only ever did makeup. However, I knew how to style my own hair well. I had wavy/curly hair with a little frizz at the temples. From a young age I learnt how to blow dry my hair like Jennifer Anniston from ‘Friends’ and I desperately tried to straighten my frizzies (this was pre-GHD and VERY pre-Brazilian treatment days). I also loved styling my Ouma’s hair, my moms and sister’s hair. SO one time I was doing makeup in Auckland Park and my bride arrived from her hairdresser and things hadn’t gone so well.. my bride looked at me and said, “You’re fixing this.”

I asked her fiancé to get me some hairspray and a round brush from a salon down the road and I did a quick blow-dry and that was that. Afterwards, I thought I need to learn how to do an undo and fortunately I found a hairdresser to show me the basics. With Youtube, I built on my skills and with trial and error, I found my way.

Hair can be tricky and one’s hair-type, face shape, even a person’s view of themselves is all I must take into account when styling someone’s hair. Which is why hairstyling is so fun, I am a hair sculpture. Enjoy!

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