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A church friend in high school did my makeup for News Years Eve one year. I think it was the end of my grade 11 year. My friend did blue eyeshadow but she transformed me and I was suddenly hooked. Back in those days we didn’t have Youtube or Instagram to practice makeup techniques. We had Fashion TV, magazines and the library. I was an East Rand girl and we had a local dispensary where we would buy Maybeline makeup and ‘cheapie’ brands.

Needless to say, I knew what I wanted to learn and that was how to do makeup. My mom bought me a Bobbie Brown makeup book for teens, I still have it. I practised her techniques, and loved reading about makeup application and applying it to different people. I did a Face to Face course after matric BUT fortunately I got a job at Makeup Forever Paris in Sandton and Hyde Park. My bosses mentored me, here I learnt how to do makeup on all sorts of people. I was able to work with the best makeup product the world could offer. I also made friends and realised I loved working with women.

I suppose I could say the rest is history. I will try to update this folder for this who would like a quick look at my style. My style is more natural. I pride myself with using the best product, 18 years later I still use Makeup Forever.

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